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All who have products want to attract customers, so don’t try to build your business on theories and speculations about who will buy your new product, you need to find those buyers.

There are many ways in which you can connect with your potential customers, and the plans that we will present below will help you prove the credibility of your startup, but do not forget that persistence and determination to achieve the goal guarantees the best results.

1- Create a website to sell your product

Create a website to promote your new product, and make sure it’s realistic and attractive. Use the terms you learned through your interviews with potential customers, and you can also build a fake reservation and payment system or add a fake “buy now” button as well (meaning nothing will happen when you click on it) just to know if there is any potential demand for your product. You can also try to get the contact information of potential customers to contact them later.

2- Forums or social sites

Research the sites where your potential customers spend their time, they are where you can start conversations. Search Google, Blog Search, and Google News. Use the AdWords Keyword Tool to find out how others search, use Google Alerts to find sites that relate to the topic your product will treat.

3- competitors

Keep track of backlinks for their clients and for those who promote them. Search on Google or on Twitter for sites where your competitors are mentioned and try to approach them.

4- Magazines

Look for magazines that specialize in a particular field, and learn what those magazines offer as much as you can, also focus on their opinion pieces, editorials and classifieds.

Look at the statistics of magazines (number of readers, pull back issues) to get a better idea of your market demographic. Those who write in these magazines work to provide content related to your field of specialization, so try to learn from them.

5- Direct mail

Direct mail becomes a successful tool when used regularly, and can help you when you adopt an education-based approach. You can contribute something useful and turn the experience into a common gain. This option could also help you prepare for a phone call or break down the barriers you may face, for example, saying you want to talk to the CEO about a letter I sent earlier.

Always update yourself that you are able to do this, and specify a certain period of time to implement these plans or a certain number of contacts to apply these methods to them.